Meet Us

John & Angela

John is a surgeon, and Angela is a pediatrician at Bach Christian Hospital. John is also the Area Leader for TEAM Pakistan

Malachi & Carissa

Malachi is a linguistics and literacy specialist. Carissa is a homeschooling mother.

Luke & Nancy

Luke is a surgeon and the MS/CEO of Bach Christian Hospital.  Nancy is an ultrasonographer at Bach Christian Hospital.


Renate is a nurse anesthetist at Bach Christian Hospital.

James & Rosie

James & Rosie are in language study after which James will be a nurse instructor at Bach Christian Hospital. Rosie is a housewife and mother.

Jimmy & Erin

Jimmy is the Administrative Director of the Media Initiative, and Erin is housewife and mother.


Rebekah is an OB/Gyn physician at Bach Christian Hospital.

Jesse & Krystal

Jesse is the Computer Consultant and trainer at the Media Initiative, and Krystal is a housewife and mother.

Matt & Andrea

Matthew is the Marketing and Distribution Director for the Media Initiative, and Andrea is a housewife and mother.

David & Carrie

David is an engineer advisor to the Media ministry (VTT), and Carrie is a nurse and mother.


Kristin is an OB/Gyn physician at Bach Christian Hospital.

Allen & Elizabeth

Allen is an IT consultant at Bach Christian Hospital and Elizabeth is a counselor to patients at BCH.  

Harold & Nicole

Harold is a professor at Zarephath Bible Seminary and Nicole is a housewife & mother.







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