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The Providence of God

After months of negotiations for the donation of land for building a TEAM hospital on the main road through northern Pakistan, the date finally came for the meeting with government officials.  Two senior missionaries, wanting to avoid any delays, tried to book a seat the day before on one of the few vehicles going the direction of the office.  They were told there would be no problem, but when they arrived the next morning the full bus was pulling out of the station.  Disappointed, they prayed for an alternate vehicle, and within minutes a van with room for them took them on their way.  Half way through the trip, they noted ahead a large group of people by the side of the road.  As they approached, they viewed a scene of horror.  The bus they had missed had gone over the edge leaving dead and wounded passengers scattered over the hillside.  The missionaries immediately slid down the mountain to help identify the dead and aid and triage the wounded. The grueling task took hours and they missed the appointment with the officials.  But, when those same officials heard of their service to the injured they concluded that these were definitely the kind of people who should be running a hospital for the poor.  Looking back, they could rejoice in God’s providence which kept them off that fateful bus. And they could see how God brought them to the accident, where they both helped the needy and gained the favor they needed to establish a hospital that is still serving that area to this day.

A Dream in a Graveyard

The unbelieving wife of a Christian did not usually have dreams.  But this night was different.  She dreamed that she was in a graveyard at night in the midst of a storm.  Terrified and desperately looking for a way out, she finally saw the exit and ran toward it.  Just as she reached the gate, she looked to the side and saw an open grave with cloth at the bottom, but no corpse.  She woke up in a panic believing this was a premonition for her own death.  Her husband reassured her that it was a good dream, and said he would tell her the meaning in the morning.  The next day, which just “happened” to be Good Friday, he explained that the grave was not hers, but rather that of Jesus the Messiah, who had risen from the grave after His sacrifice for our sins.  Two days later, she attended an Easter gathering where the last portion of the Jesus Film was shown.  She recognized the truth of her husband’s explanation and put her faith in Christ.

A Visa Miracle

Deborah (not her real name) was an American nurse applying for a one year visa to work at Bach Christian Hospital.  The process had taken a long time, but word finally came that it had been granted from Islamabad.  In order to expedite the matter, she decided to drive 8 hours to the nearest Pakistan consulate to get the visa stamped in her passport.  But on arrival at the consulate, the word was that an irregularity made it impossible to give her the visa.  As she walked dejected out the front door, a young man approached her, saying he had overheard the conversation inside.  He advised her to return to the consulate via another door and ask for help from the man inside.  She did this and within a half hour walked out with the visa safely in her passport.  She joyfully called her mother at home, who began crying on the other end.  Puzzled, she finally learned why her mother was so emotional.  That very hour, her mother and a group of women from her church had been praying for Deborah.  One of the women had specifically prayed, “Lord, bring a man to help Deborah with her visa.”  Hearing her story, they realized how precisely God had honored that prayer.  And in the hard times in Pakistan during that year at BCH, Deborah never wondered whether God had really sent her there.

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